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creation 2018

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Margo Gram, marionnettiste


During the year 2017, Margo Gram spent time between Barcelona and Montpellier in her studio to create her news puppets, her scenery and the story to present us her new show "Cyclose".

Cyclose is a poetic moment for everybody with three puppets with strings about thirty minutes. It's a puppetshow which is oscillating between a soft and strange dream, comic and tragic, coherent and absurd by resuming the cycle of life and death. And if after the death, the beginning was like this? To be born, the beauty of emerging from the egg of mother earth, to grow, to discover and experience the world and Love in order to finally return from where we came.

Her contagious energy and delicate performance style will fascinate children and adults thanks to the different levels of personal interpretations.

Margo Gram is a street performer from many years, she travels Europe and others. She also performs in street, puppet and theater festivals.

Teaser Cyclose

- show from Margo Gram

Sample of images filmed during the show in Istres at the festival of Rues de l'étang august 2018 and during the DTK festival in Viriat june 2018.

Technical chart
Show of puppet with strings in a poetic atmospher
  • Dimension needed: 3mx3mx2m
  • sound and light: indépendant
  • Editing: 10min
  • Disassembly: 10min
  • Show time: 20min
  • Silent show, using only music

*Requirements: space with not so much wind and a bit intimate

For everybody thanks to the different possiblity of interpretations of the show.